Semi PRO kit with CW202ROV cavitation ROV gun and Diesel High Pressure Unit (30 LPM at 280 bar)

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Complete set for cavitation cleaning. Including:
ROV gun
Semi PRO Pump
50 meter Neutrally Buoyant hose
Supply pump

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Semi PRO cavitation cleaning kit for removing medium to hard fouling, including:

CW202ROV ROV Zero-thrust Cavitation Cleaning Lance (Max. 80 LPM at 300 bar)
CW202ROV Cavitation and retro lance set for ROV with splitter / Stainless steel lance protection / Tapered lance end with red marking / Max. recommended working pressure 300 bar (4350 psi) / Maximum design pressure 500 bar (7250 psi) / Maximum flow 80 LPM (21 gpm) / CE certified / Lance length 280mm / Retro lance length 225mm

HDMD280_30 Diesel High Pressure Unit (30 LPM at 280 bar)
Diesel driven, 2 cilinder Aircooled KohlerKDW1003 / 4 wheels with air tyres / Max. 1500 rpm / Strong, lightweight frame / Max. pressure 30 LPM at 280 bar (7,9 gpm at 4060 psi) / CE certified / Gearbox driven pump / Electrical starting / Automatic decelerator to reduce the number of revs in the bypass phase / No engine-oil safety device (oil-alert) / Big water filter at pump inlet, readily serviceable cartridge type / Pressure release valve for dry shutoff gun / Zero hose pressure regulator and emergeny-stop remote for SIR certification (optional) / Weight 285kg) / Dimensions 1370x850x1020mm

DE149-08-HS24M-HM24M-50000 1 /2″ Neutrally Buoyant High Pressure Hose (W.P. 390 bar) – 50 mtr
1 /2″ Neutrally Buoyant High Pressure Hose (W.P. 390 bar) / 50 mtr / Quick-connect couplings / Recommended for ROV cavitation cleaning

EWSP230 Electric water supply pump 230V
Electric water supply pump 230VAC with 10 meter 1″ hose / quick-connect couplings / 270W / 270mm x 200mm x 435mm / 15.8 kg

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