At DiveWise Equipment

We make your job safe and easy with ergonomic high quality equipment inspired by the challenges that courageous commercial divers are facing daily

We founded DiveWise Equipment and made it our mission to provide subsea solutions through safe and innovative technologies.

With over a decade of experience with (ultra) high-pressure units and robotic solutions for confined spaces, DiveWise Equipment is specialized in manufacturing high-quality, water-powered, equipment.

Our Cavitation Cleaning equipment and water-driven Subsea Tools are inspired, tested and approved by technical divers to assure compliance with the highest safety, performance and ergonomics standards.

In addition to these proven technologies, we are happy to share our experience and knowledge by providing custom solutions or tailored advice to your challenges. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff!

Discover DiveWise’s Journey

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DiveWise Equipment’s parent company was founded and specializes in high pressure and robotic applications for cleaning, inspection and maintenance of confined spaces
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Re-inventing Cavitation Cleaning
DiveWise Equipment re-invented cavitation cleaning to provide commercial divers with safe and ergonomic equipment
Introducing Water Driven Tools
DiveWise Equipment introduced powerful and ergonomic, water driven tools, driven by the same high pressure unit used for cavitation cleaning and connected via a single neutrally buoyant high pressure hose
Induce Further Growth
DiveWise Equipment moves into a new, state-of-the-art, location with extensive engineering and testing facilities to induce further growth
Making jobs safe and easier
DiveWise Equipment helps companies worldwide to make their jobs safer and easier with high quality underwater equipment and customized solutions

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