What is Cavitation Cleaning?

Cavitation is the rapid formation and collapse of bubbles (vapor cavities) in a liquid and the most effective solution for In- and Offshore underwater cleaning. 

Cavitation cleaning is significantly more effective and efficient than other underwater high pressure cleaning methods. The process goes as follows: a jet with millions of Nano voids per second is formed when the high pressure water passes the DiveWise cavitation nozzle. 

These vapor cavities implode on impact with the cleanable surface and create high energetic shockwaves that remove corrosion, dirt, debris, fouling, instable coatings and other deposits from ship hulls, propellers, thrusters, rudders and underwater structures, such as pillars, pipelines, piers, risers and walls made out of fiberglass, metal, concrete, glass, plastic and other materials.

DiveWise Equipment offers a variety of cavitation cleaning guns, surface rotor cleaners and ROV cavitation lances for professional underwater cleaning at different pressures and flows. All DiveWise cavitation equipment for Yacht owners, commercial Divers and ROV operators is available as a kit, with power pack and neutrally buoyant high-pressure hose or as an individual gun.


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