Cavitation Cleaning Surface Rotor Cleaner 450mm


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Maximised underwater cleaning capacity
Minimum impact on coatings and surfaces
Safe and ergonomic
Intensity adjustable with high-pressure unit
Ergonomic controls

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Cavitation is the rapid formation and collapse of bubbles (vapor cavities) in a liquid and the most effective solution for In- and Offshore underwater cleaning. The imploding cavities generate powerful shockwaves that pull material off underwater surfaces with twice the cleaning capacity of a regular water blast at the same pressure and at minimum impact.

Round plastic dome 450mm / Remote handle with safety latch / Swiveling hose inlet connection / 2″ camlock hose connection / with high pressure water injector inlet on 2″ connection / Max. working pressure 40 LPM at 300 bar / 2 handgrips / 3 castors / corrosion resistant materials / CE certified

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