Cavitation Rotor Cleaner Set

With 30 LPM at 280 bar, the surface rotor cleaner helps divers to remove fouling from large surfaces. The SR450 is made out of the highest quality materials, with an injector to create a vacuum underneath the dome that makes it stick to the surface for an ergonomic operation and transportation of the removed debris.

The diver only has to move the dome cleaner over the surface to clean half a meter width.

The 30LPM at 280bar power pack included in this set can be used to drive other DiveWise Equipment water powered drills, grinders and cavitation tools.

We are happy to assist you in finding the cavitation cleaning equipment that best fits your application.

Contact us through the contact page or via the hotline +31 (0) 174-289-475

SR450 Cavitation Rotor Cleaner Set

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